METS – Marine Equipment Trade Show

B&b format is typical for yacht festivals. Not everybody would have a courage to hold such an event: the chance of not recruiting the minimal quantity of guests when your target audience is only business environment is rather high. Nevertheless such exhibitions exist. One of them is Marine Equipment Trade Show that is running yearly in mid-November in Amsterdam.

Surprisingly there are plenty of visitors at METS – more than 20 000 people that are representatives of companies specialized in production, sales, repair and maintenance of boats, producers of accessories and equipment, other organizations that are involved in yachting in one or another way. Around one and a half thousand participants of the exhibition, dozens of seminars, conferences, business-meetings, tens of thousands square meters occupied with the boats – all these you can see on the exhibition every year. New technologies and new boats are presented here, contracts are also signed here,

New technologies and new boats are presented here, people meet and sign contracts here, one can hare his experience here and another one can get a useful advice. In just three short days one can solve a hundred of business problems, find new networking contacts, and get an idea how the market looks like for now. Visitors come to METS from all over the world, and the exhibition becomes larger and larger every year.

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