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A “yacht” is so much more than an element of distinction, style and luxury, and ownership opens up your world to absolute freedom of locomotion, limited only by the size of the vessel, technical capabilities and, of course, your desire. Pricing for yachts may easily be compared with the real estate market, but yacht ownership offers so much more. The high price tags are directly correlated with the level of responsibility; a potential yacht owner needs to invest wisely and carefully, choosing a vessel that will not present high ownership risk down the road. This is also where obtaining the assistance of a knowledgeable, professional, licensed yacht broker proves to be a priceless choice.




The listings catalogued by our company include some of the finest in the world. The official representative for the Russian-speaking clientele is Andrey Shestakov, a member in flawless standing with the Florida Yacht Brokers Association (FYBA).  Andrey has more than 10,000 yachts and ships available at his fingertips through a superior web network that offers real-time updates in specifications, pics and pricing, further ensuring that the information you are given is accurate and fine tuned to your personal requirements. Our company works with private sellers, former, present and future owners and directly with manufacturers to guarantee that you are provided with everything required in this financial decision.

ANDREY SHESTAKOV…. Professionally Speaking:

“In our field of work, we focus on people who are ready to reach their goal of yacht ownership, those who don’t want to waste precious time on bureaucratic obstacles that may arise during the buying or selling process. We provide a vast selection of outstanding yacht options, in addition to a convenient service that aims at identifying and solving problems for both the novice and experienced owner from start to finish. I am ready to offer and ensure the highest level of knowledge and professionalism, and nurture each transaction with my personal approach. Here at Shestakov Yacht Sales, we work as a team, which gives us the advantage of efficiency and accuracy of service.”

Why Shestakov Yacht Sales?

An important advantage in choosing our company for representation is the close communication established and maintained between broker and buyer. Specialists in this company find their approach to each specific client, and are able advise, mentor and guide buyers of all types and experience levels.

Specialty Services:

Some of the many services provided by Andrey Shestakov are, as follows:

  • Full representation in all purchase and sale transactions
  • Comprehensive yacht listing services
  • Support with insurance and financing of the vessel
  • Yacht management: dockage, crew recruitment, maintenance and repair
  • Delivery services to any port in the World
  • Yacht Chartering: This includes all waters of the Western hemisphere, the USA, the coast of Canada, Latin America, the Bahamas, and the Caribbean Islands.


LET’S ASK THE EXPERT……In the opinion of Andrey Shestakov:

What is the best choice — buying or chartering a yacht?

“The choice in favor of a particular format depends on your mood and desires. On one hand, if you have money, why not invest in your own yacht that is easily accessible and will be waiting for you at the pier? Understandably so, not all our clients can afford to live in the sea and travel by boat several months out of the year. Yachts require continuous attention, safe and secure dockage, regular maintenance, and insurance. Also, not all ships are suitable for long-range trips: a light pleasure boat will not be able to cross the ocean or make it out of the Black Sea in the Caribbean. I believe this is the point.”

For purchase, sale or charter information, please contact with Andrey Shestakov: +1-954-274-4435 (Miami, Florida, USA). You may also leave your contact information on our website,, and we will get in touch with you shortly.


Your Yacht Broker – Andrey Shestakov

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