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Catamaran is a two-hull sailboat with smaller displacement, compared to the area of its deck surface. The hulls have identical weight and size, so the load is placed evenly.

Sail Catamarans are capable of gaining greater speed, than a regular yacht or a special racing centerboard boat. The reason for this is low resistance of the hulls, which in turn are relatively small in size. Sail catamaran’s are an amazing watercraft of unsurpassed speed. Besides the speed, it is also very stable. However, in order to safely enjoy the handling of a catamaran, it requires some training.

Another advantage of the catamarans is the spacious deck, where structures and load are usually placed.

Catamarans used in sailing and have found some fans among travelers and explorers: sail cruisers of this type are often used to cross the ocean. They can go as fast as 10-15 knots, which is comparable to the motor trawler yachts.

You can look to buy a two hull yacht and find the best racing model for competition and travel all in one place, just make sure to contact our yacht broker. He will help you with your choice and will arrange the deal.

Catamaran Sailboats for Sale

At Shestakov Yacht Sales, we have over 60 new and pre-owned catamaran sailboats for sale in stock including these brands: Yapluka, Blubay, Argo Boats, Lagoon, Fountaine Pajot, Privilege. Whether you are looking to sell or purchase a catamaran, sailboat, mega-yacht, super mega-yacht we will provide you with the assistance you need to make the sales process a smooth one. We have been in business since 1959 with over 50 years’ experience as yacht brokers. We have over 20 licensed yacht brokers on our team that have experience with the sales and service of marine vessels both nationally and internationally.

Our services include buying, selling, closing, assistance with price negotiation, legal, and other support services including the hiring of crew-members and more. If you are looking for catamarans for sale, we will help you make the best choice best based on your individual preferences. Or, if you have a catamaran you’d like to sell, we can also help you find the perfect buyer for your vessel.

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