Motor Yachts For Sale

Motor yachts is a large class of sea and fresh water vessels that are equipped with an internal combustion engine and run on either diesel or other liquid fuel. Yachts from this class have a number of subclasses and varieties. Some are meant for a couple of hours of casual riding, others – for weekend getaways - for commercial and competitive fishing and extended voyages. Among them are such odd ones like houseboats, which you can reside in. There are also the mega yachts, exceeding 20-30 meters in length, sport cruisers for active pastime and so on…

The main common feature of motor yachts is well, the motor itself – obviously, every motor yacht has one.

The same can be said about the motor boats, small vessels, sitting two or three people.

These yachts and boats are completely independent from the whims of nature, as opposed to sail yachts, and can be easily handled, have a relatively short learning curve.

Nevertheless, picking your own motor yacht is not an easy task. When you obtain the services of our yacht broker, who can answer your many questions, you will be able to make your choice already prepared; buying the kind of motor yacht you’d really wanted.

Motor Yachts

There are two main types of yachts; those powered by wind which are known as sailing yachts and motor powered yachts. Unless you are a sailor or plan to hire one, and are looking to purchase a yacht, you will likely be looking for “motor yachts for sale” versus sailing yachts.

When it comes to motor powered yachts, there are different types of motors and many other factors involved in choosing the right motor powered, luxury yacht to fit your needs. Shestakov Yacht Sales, Inc., has an inventory of over 2,000 new and previously owned motor yachts for sale including these brands: Lurssen, Dunya, Mondo Marine, Oceanco, Sunrise, vsy, Abeking & Rasmussen, Baglietto, Trinity, and Benetti.

Working with Shestakov Yacht Sales, Inc., is advantageous to yacht enthusiasts because we have over 50 years of experience as yacht brokers and are connected with the largest yacht manufacturers throughout the world. We will assist you with the negotiation and closing of your purchase and will even provide insurance, legal and financing services.

Whether you are looking for motor yachts for sale or to sell your yacht, we will help you make the best choice.

Motor Boats for Sale

Shestakov Yacht Sales, Inc., will help you find quality motor boats for sale or assist you with selling your own motor yacht or boat. We offer our clients legal support, closing representation, insurance, financing support, and more.

We have a large selection of new and pre-owned mega, expedition, and high performance yachts, in addition to our motor yachts for sale – Our most current inventory of motor boats for sale, often referred to as motor tender, includes Cockwells, Royal Denship, San Juan, Intrepid, Sealegs, Western Craft Ltd., and other luxury brand motor boats and motor yachts.

Our experience extends throughout the U.S. and abroad and we have strong partnerships with all large-scale yacht manufacturers throughout the world which equates to more access and options for our clients. Ready to purchase or sell your next motor boat? Contact one of our experienced yacht brokers today.

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