Blohm & Voss

Superyacht manufacturer, with a 135-year history

A world famous yacht building company, Blohm & Voss, has been making some fine, stylish and reliable yachts for 135 years now. During their long history, the company has come a long way from making simple sailboats, steam engine boats and navy frigates. Today they focus on the world of comfortable luxury yachts. The specialty of this company is custom-made superyachts that are created individually and according to every customer’s request. They make it possible to materialize all of the dreams and fantasies of a client, including every little detail. For this task, the manufacturer fully handles the processes, from drawing board to the very last element of design.

Blohm & Voss is always on top of the industry’s new developments, which allows the company’s specialists to implement all of the latest innovations in their yachts. They have very elaborate and modern yards that comply to the latest world standards, with professional equipment necessary for quality yacht building, and highly trained employees with seasoned industry experience.

Located in the heart of Hamburg, one of the largest European cities, the company’s docks are equipped with everything they need to finish their projects on time. In addition to the yacht manufacturing itself, Blohm & Voss also carries out repairing and outfitting services for yachts under 300 meters long.

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