The French Empire

120 years ago, the first wooden sailboat was designed and built by Benjamin Beneteau following the methods by which the most traditional fishing boats were crafted. The first launch happened in Vienna river estuary.

Years after, in 1912, the first boat with an engine was built and water borne at Beneteau docks, intending to replace the dominant sailboats.

Since then, The Beneteau Shipyards have been an acclaimed example to follow by shipbuilders all over the world. The reason being is that this once small French company became an enormous industrial and financial corporation, owning multiple enterprises in France and abroad.

The cruise yachts by Beneteau Oceanis line, first sent off its berth in 1986 have become the classic exemplar of cruise yachts building. Made from the best materials available, using the latest building technologies, Beneteau sailing yachts provide the utmost comfort for yachting professionals. Fine design, easy handling, top level of finish and modern equipment make Beneteau yachts stand out from the rest.

Beneteau is considered the largest yacht building company in Europe. Its sailing yachts, motorboats and cruisers make up to 40% of French yacht market and 25% of European market. Many pronounced construction bureaus such as Bruce Farr, Group Finot and Jean Berret are involved in architecture and design of these yachts.

France is the home to several boatyards where such models as “Beneteau First” and “Ocean Clipper” yachts and catamarans, “Flyer” and “Antares” cruisers and “Trawler” motor boats are being made.

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