Cantiere delle Marche

Cantiere delle Marche - the yacht in the Italian tradition

Cantiere delle Marche is an Italian company that manufactures the yachts with a steel hull. This is quite an old shipyard that has has been developing over many years perfecting their production. The company puts the human capital in the first place - they have very responsible approach to the selection of professionals. That is why the shipyard launches the superior vessels that can not be even broken over time.

The boats of Cantiere delle Marche have classic shape. These yachts are traditionally madein white. However, during production of each ship the experts are using the individual approach. According to the company's mission, "there is no such thing as the perfect boat, but there is a perfect boat for a particular person".

Many customers apply directly to the company to place an order for the construction of mega-yacht or luxury ship. The shipyard produces motor boats with the streamlined forms that perfectly overcome any sea obstacles.

If the buyer is looking for reliable and large yacht that will deliver him over long distances, the boats made by Cantiere delle Marche will be an excellent choice. Any ship of the manufacture can withstand high sea waves and storms. The Italians are very sensitive to two things - the design of the hull and reliability. Having thought over every little thing, they make their boats invulnerable.

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