Trustworthy and comfortable, the Neptunus yachts.

The Dutch Neptune Marine Group incorporates together three brands, which in 40 year history of company existence became loved and popular all over the world – they are Dehler, Neptunus and Elling. These semi-custom made yachts stand out not only for it design with unique interiors, but also for its performance characteristics.

As of today, the company produces boats in 45 to 80 ft. range, but undoubtedly, the most successful are the 50-ft. yachts, that are being ordered by customers from around the world. Every future owner participates in yacht’s construction, which allows him to feel connection with his one of a kind yacht, to feel how it synchronizes with his expectations and even his temper.

Neptunus and Elling yachts in under the 50-ft. category are a good combination of durability and stability of an ocean liner, a comfort and versatility of a modern and functional expedition vessel. What also makes them so special is that they can be sailed inland as well as in an open ocean. Those “Universal Soldiers” of the Neptunus yachts are in constant high demand among those people, who know the price of a good quality yacht and won’t give that away for luxury. Such a trustworthy yacht will help you conquer even the seven seas.

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