OTAM - the Italian dreams

The OTAM shipyard was founded in Italy in the summer of 1954. Until the 70s the company built the wooden boats. Some of them are still sailing. In the 70s new materials were introduced in the shipbuilding, and the company began to use the fiberglass. The wood protected by several layers of fiberglass, has become more reliable and durable. It was not necessary to use other means to protect the vessel. Simultaneously, the shipyard began to look closely to the composites.

In the 80s the company signed one of the first international contracts - the shipyard built 25 boats for the American company. The manufacturer paid its attention to other countries' markets. The US market has been recognized as one of the most promising. In the 90s the company began to increase the size of the ships. During this period, they launched the yachts with the length of 45 and 55 inches for the first time.

In the 2000s, the company continued to build the large ships and launched the boats with an open top and a length of 50 and 58 inches, the vessel with a hard top and a length of 65 inches. There was also a 85-inch boat. This was made possible due to the emergence of a new production site. The shipyard increased its capacity and acquired a site near Genoa.

During the coming years it is planned to build the ships of the larger size. The company has the customers who are interested in the construction of such vessels. The Italian shipyard continues to develop even after 60 years after its founding. This is a good sign - the organization can begin the production of mega-yachts in the future.

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