Sydney International Boat Show

At the beginning of August in the southern hemisphere probably the most considerable event in the commercial sphere and on the yacht market takes place. However, Australia does not really have anybody to compete with: it is perhaps the only country in the South that can compete with Europe and the USA in standards of living and extant of interest to yachts.

The first Sydney International Boat Show takes place here in the capital of Australia for 50 years. Since 1968 it attracts several hundreds of owners, founders and simply fans of yachts at the coast. At that moment organizers couldn’t think that their modest boat show will become one of the largest over time and will attract up to 70 thousand visitors annually which is an indicator, inconceivable even for a musical festival.

The boat show takes place in the Exhibition and the Conference center of Sydney in Darling Harbour bay. These three platforms are counted to accommodate different audience. Nevertheless, you will be able to visit each of them if you want.

Darling Harbor is perhaps the most interesting of them. In Cockle Bay Marina there is more than 28 thousand square meters that can accommodate thousands of boats. The part of a pier is expanded especially for the large yachts as more than 300 boats can be placed here effortlessly. Six halls with exhibition stands await audience ashore.

You will find novelties from the renown manufacturers at the Sydney boat show. Among them there are Australian as well as American and European companies. You can see yacht novelties, various systems and equipment, accessories  that are connected in one or another way with yachting among the show exhibits.

The audience will please you as well as among them there are a lot of the richest people from all over the world that also include our compatriots living abroad as well as tourists. Statistically, about 80% of festival visitors do a purchase or an order, or are ready to make it. Deals are often made directly on show.

Sydney International Boat Show is famous around the world as in the last five years Sydney is overflowed with tourists. Finding a place in a hotel or at the pierce will not be easy if you came here independently despite developed infrastructure for tourists. If you are aimed to visit an exhibition, think about your reservation some months prior to the show.

Sydney International Boat Show is a festival for those who is in love with the sea, yachts and travel. This is a place to meet professionals and fans.

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