Jacksonville Boat Show

The show takes place in Jacksonville, Florida, in the middle of April. It is worth to remember this place and time if you are a fan of sea and river cruises, build your own boats, own a yacht or want to buy one.

Jacksonville Boat Show is a premium class show if you can say it about any event. It was created majorly for those who wants to sail on small boats. Boats, ski-jets, small cruise yachts would be presented at the exhibition.

The expositions will be created by the largest manufacturers of tourist equipment, equipment and materials for boats, as well as manufacturers of boats and yachts themselves.The companies producing sports equipment, from water skis and ski-jets to equipment for diving, surfing and other sports will be here as well.

You can take your family by to enjoy the show. While your spouse will go to an exhibition or to buy some clothes, children can participate in exciting competitions, and you will be able to look through the best yachts, to pick up equipment for yourself and to visit one of the numerous seminars.

Much attention on Jacksonville Boat Show is paid to educational program which is very extensive. In spite of the fact that yacht show takes only 3 days, it is possible to have a good rest here, to pick up a boat or equipment, and to receive new skills on any sailing subject.

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