Perseus 3 Super Mega Yacht

yp37_Perseus_23The Perseus 3 was designed for an experience featuring ultimate luxury. If you picture yourself traveling around the world without a care on your mind, consider this beauty. Comfort was key in its creation, and it certainly shines through when you board the yacht. Whether you are going to be on it for a day or an extended period of time, you will surely be happy with your surroundings and the dynamic layout of the vessel. Not only will you get there in comfort, but you will arrive in style as well.

yp37_Perseus_5The Perini Navi Group spent countless hours hunting for solutions that would simplify steering, allowing the crew better maneuverability and a more serene yachting experience for guests on the vessel. It was designed to be safer and quicker than other models, and the results truly set new standards for others to compete with. New techniques were used in the rigging, making it lighter. The center of gravity was lowered, making a more stable vessel. The centerboard, its casing, and the double rudder were re-positioned, allowing for a reduced surface underwater and a decreased drag. Most adjustments were made to increase the performance of the vessel, especially for those taking part in regattas. It is fast, powerful, and gets you where you need to be in the amount of time that you have. The sloop rigging allows the deck to remain comfortable, and is a safe place for both the owner and guests to be. The deck toward the back ensures that relaxation areas are separated from the areas that are performance based. Advanced technology is used throughout the vessel, making a highly efficient, state of the art ship that is sure to impress. The intense rigging and the handling gear of the sail is made specifically for this yacht. They are managed by a multifaceted integrated system that allows the crew to operate quickly and accurately. Hidden captive wheel winches have been added for handling speed and power. The top speed of this vessel is the result of complex research that was completed by Perini Navi Group, which is always trying to excel in this field. The sail plan itself (created by Doyle) is a great achievement. When everything comes together as a whole, the ship is extremely fast and steady. You will certainly arrive at your destination on time, if not ahead of schedule.

yp37_Perseus_9The Perseus 3 is equipped with large guest cabins that are conveniently located to ensure the privacy of all guests. Relaxation areas can be used in any weather conditions, which is great for those that wish to lounge. The interior is luxurious and made for ultimate comfort, and there are multiple entertainment systems with enough room for relaxation. There is a Jacuzzi that features a water recovery system to mitigate waste, and many other features that will ensure that guests on board stay entertained throughout the voyage, no matter how long it may be. All details were carefully planned out to ensure the best comfort level for all on board.

Hull Material Aluminium
Superstructure Aluminium
LOA 60.00 m / 196’85’’ ft
LWL 50.40 m / 165’35’’ ft
Beam 11.40 m / 37’40’’ ft
Draught Max 12.30 m / 40’35’’ ft
Draught Min 4.30 m / 14’11’’ ft
Gross Tonnage 498 GT
Displacement 570 tons
Mast 75.8 m Carbon Fibre by Future Fibres
Boom 23.4 m Carbon Fibre by Future Fibres
Standing rig Lateral Rigging in Carbon Fibre
Aft and Fore Stays Carbon+PBO+Kevlar
Main Sail 808 m2
The mast features 4 main sail locks 1 full hoist + 3 reefs
Reacher 1,160 m2
Blade 706 m2 with vertical carbon battens
Working Jib 370 m2 on soft hanks and removable torque cable
Code Zero 1,804 m2 on the biggest torque cable TDF ever built by Future Fibres
A2 2,602 m2
A3 2,173 m2
Spinnaker Stay sail 721 m2
Fuel Capacity 47,500 litres / 12,550 US gallons
Water Capacity 12,000 litres / 3,170 US gallons
Classification ABS ✠ A1 Yachting Service, AMS+MCA LY2
Naval Architect Perini Navi, Ron Holland Design
Exterior Designer Perini Navi
Interior Designer Perini Navi
Shipyard – Year Perini Navi – 2014
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