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Cruising Ketch is a two-masted boat made for sea cruises. Its main defining features are the two nearly identical masts holding the mizzen sail and the mainsail. The mainsail drives the yacht forward, blown by the wind and the mizzen gives it additional thrust.

Cruising Ketch is a convenient and practical yacht, which is easy to handle in fresh weather. Both sails are small enough for one man to control and it doesn’t take a lot of strength to stay on course. If you are over 50 or 60 years old, ketch will be an ideal choice for you: the thrust will be evenly distributed between the two masts and you won’t need to apply excessive force to unfold or turn the single big mainsail.

Cruising Ketch is made for voyaging and is worth buying if you intend to take long rides alone or with your family. Relatively small, it is very spacious: you can store supplies here, enough for up to a couple weeks’ of cruising. Reliability is also a very important advantage of these yachts.

Sail yachts are not a very common commodity, so if you’re set on buying a cruising ketch, you need to start looking now. The help of the yacht broker in doing the research for you is priceless.

Sail boat connoisseurs looking for a cruising ketch for sale may confuse a Ketch Sailboat with a Yawl. One of the major differences in these two types of sailboats is the mizzen sail of a ketch is larger than that of a yawl and is mast ahead of the rudder post. On the wind, the mizzen on a ketch is likely to add nothing but drag, which causes it to be back-winded most of the time by the mainsail. The mizzen sail may as well be drooped in these conditions causing the ketch to become an under-canvassed sloop.

The split rig of a ketch offers greater flexibility for sail reduction during strong winds. And the boat will lay comfortably head-to-wind, at anchor where the mizzen is set as a steadying sail. ‘

There are many differences in each type of sailboat; knowing which of those differences, features, or amenities suits you best can be confusing. By hiring an experienced yacht and sailboat broker, this decision making process is made much simpler.

Shestakov Yacht Sales has over 50 years of experience assisting clients with the sale, purchase and leasing of new and pre-owned sailboats, yachts, boats and just about any vessel that rides on or in water.

Ketch Sailboats for Sale

Our current stock of new or pre-owned Ketch Sailboats for sale include these brands: Perini Navi, Mefasa Shipyard, Nordia, Palmer Johnson, Jongert, Sovereign, Formosa, Parker Marine and more. As a client of Shestakov Yacht Sales, we will advise and assist you throughout the entire purchase or sale process including helping you: negotiate the best deal, financing your deal (if needed), insurance services and more. You can read more about the services we offer our clients on our company page.

We have over 20 seasoned, licensed yacht brokers on our team and look forward to helping you choose the best sailboat or yacht for you. You may contact us at 954-274-4435.

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